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Supporting the safe & effective management of your patients

This course has been designed to support the safe and effective management of patients suffering from treatment-resistant schizophrenia.

It is aimed at healthcare professionals who are directly involved in caring for patients being treated with clozapine on a day to day basis, in particular nurses, pharmacists, technicians, gps and junior doctors. The 10 modules cover a wide range of topics, in particular managing side effects, and has been written and reviewed by mental health clinicians and pharmacists experienced in the management of patients receiving treatment with clozapine.

About the Course

The course is based upon key publications and consists of 10 fully referenced modules
Organisations will be able to select the modules required and track the progress of their staff
There is a short test at the end of each module to consolidate the learnings
A certificate will be issued on completion of each module
The course content is reviewed regularly to ensure that it is accurate and up to date
Access to this platform generally by way of an annual, organisational subscription **
Funding support may be available from your clozapine supplier by way of an unconditional educational grant1 .

** Individual subscriptions may be available. Please contact us for a quote.
1Trusts may apply for support in full or in part to clozapine provider under Clause 19 PMCPA (ABPI) Medical Educational Goods and Services (MEGS)

Key Reading

The Clozapine Handbook and Maudsley Guidelines are key reference documents for much of the course content. Both books are available to purchase via these links. The Maudsley Guidelines 13th Edition is now available as an App for all operating systems.

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